One Extra Day

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March 1, 2016 by kathleenlucile

You’ve probably already heard that it’s Leap Day.  How FUN is that?  It’s like having an extra day in your life.  Do you blow it by staying in bed?  Do you scrapbook the day away with all your fun products and memories?  For most of us, it’s still a day that we have to work or go to school.  Blah.

But after that… It’s an EXTRA day, people!!  C’mon, you gotta do something.

I’m using it to learn something new & exciting.  For the longest time, I have wished that my wonderful Close To My Heart friends could see a Crop or Workshop that I’m offering and just click on a little button that says “Buy Now” and they could actually pay for the event RIGHT THERE.

Wouldn’t that be awesome?

It’s just one little detail, but it can save so much time!  No more emailing me, then me emailing back, then you write out a check, then you have to find an envelope & a stamp, take it to the post office (or at least your mailbox) and then hope it gets to me without incidence.

Or… you could see the flyer (right below here) and if you want to attend, just click on the Buy Now button, where it will go to Paypal and you can reserve your spot in mere MOMENTS, without ever moving off your seat!  TRY IT!


Join us for a crop day!  Just click that little button below…

Buy Now Button




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