Our Stories are Important (or Why I Scrapbook with Close To My Heart!)

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April 6, 2016 by kathleenlucile

Today, I want to share this quote taken from a Brave Girls’ Club post.

“No matter what happens….we get to take our stories with us…and our hard-earned wisdom. We get to take who we have become.

These things are more valuable than just about anything and they are exactly the things we need to be able to start over and begin something wonderful.”

THIS is why I’m a Close To My Heart Consultant.

I love to teach others how to scrapbook using a variety of ways to save our stories (even IF you don’t like to journal with your own handwriting!)

Personally, I can keep my family, my faith and my friends – all my happy places – with me through the stories and through the pictures.  I have to share that with others!

Close To My Heart values these same things.  You can see it in their Mission Statement: “We show you how to celebrate relationships through discovering your creativity, to preserve and share the moments that matter most.”

Now that you know a little bit about me (and CTMH), I want to share an opportunity with you.  During April, I am working on finding people that I can help – to scrapbook with a community, to build a business, or to just find scrapbook products that they can LOVE! 

There are so many benefits from being a Close To My Heart Consultant, including being more creative, experiencing teaching others, sharing with and being part of a community.

Close To My Heart has a fantastic deal right now.  Our kit (prev. $99) is now $75.  And, you can customize it with an additional $50 in select product credit.*  This is the first time in my 9 years with CTMH that we have been able to CUSTOMIZE the product we get – I love it!  As an independent consultant, you can choose how to do business (or just keep the great discount for yourself.)  But, wouldn’t your friends be mad if you did that??

And there are rewards too.  Lots of them!

Joining my team in April gets you additional rewards.  First, if you join by April 20, I have a crop on April 23 that you can attend for free!

Also, the Baby, You’re Worth It campaign can get you a free Cricut Collection or $100 SPC*, on top of 3 free stamp sets that you would be rewarded with from the Straight To The Top program.  (If you complete the STTT program, you add 3 exclusive logo items and a product filled organizer worth $150!)

That’s just the beginning!

If this sounds interesting to you (or maybe to someone you know) LET’S TALK. Send me an email (scrapbookaddict@att.net) or find me on Facebook (http://www.facebook.com/scrapbookaddict)  If you want to sign up right now, go to http://scrapbookaddict.ctmh.com/ctmh/what-we-do/be-a-consultant.aspx

I can help you get started, help you be successful and answer any questions you may have.

** Note:  You can be anywhere in the US to join my team.  99% of the benefits and features apply no matter what state you are in!

 *SPC = Special products to choose from like our Hostess Rewards products.


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