Baby, You’re Worth It!

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April 20, 2016 by kathleenlucile

That’s the title for the Close To My Heart April 2016 campaign.  I think the title is very appropriate.  It is focused on helping new Consultants get their business moving quickly in the right direction – getting results and sales!

One of the things I try to do with my business, especially my crops, is to pamper my customers and friends.  I think that we get really bogged down with bad news, negativity and just sad stuff.  We never seem to have the time to spend with our girlfriends (or with our scrapbooking!)

Becoming a CTMH Consultant can give you the time to be creative and be with friends.  Sometimes we just need an excuse and what better than, “I need to work on my business.”  And, if we earn an income along with it, that’s all the better!

So, if you are thinking about becoming a CTMH Consultant during April, then let’s put it all in!  All it takes is sales of $350 within 30 days and the reward is plenty.  First, you can get a FREE Cricut Collection or $100 SPC to spend on product.  But, that’s not all, because with our Straight To The Top program, if you sell $250 within 30 days, you get 3 awesome business stamp sets.  Two rewards with one sales goal!

One of the things we like to do is break down the goal into bite size pieces.  For example, if you sold 3 Cricut Collections + an album and paper, you would have your goal complete.  Or if you host a workshop with a $30 kit, you would need about 10-12 people.  Don’t have that much space?  Split it into 2 workshops.  You could do a crop where the fee to attend is a $40 order – get 9 friends to join you.

Remember, you ARE worth it – the rewards, the recognition, the fun & friendships too!

Join the Scrapbook Addicts team today!


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