Cards of Summer


June 3, 2016 by kathleenlucile

“Boys of Summer” by Don Henley, has words that make us think about summertime. Images include “brown skin shining in the sun”, “sunglasses on”, “walking real slow” and many others. Now let’s transfer those images just a bit to card making. What cards will you need this summer? Maybe you are invited to a wedding or graduation. Many of us need Father’s Day cards. It may be that you need an invitation or thank you, or just a birthday card.

During June, July and August, I am going to help you with a NEW card each FRIDAY! I will be posting each card on my blog ( and adding some helpful information, such as party ideas or links to other ideas.

If you want to make the cards, I will be offering two workshop dates during that month ONLY. If you are not local or unable to make it, you may purchase a kit that includes all the pieces you need, pre-stamped and pre-cut.

June Cards
1. Graduation
2. Father’s Day
3. Wedding
4. “The Long Way Home” June Stamp of the Month

Workshops will be Thursday, June 9 or June 30, starting at 7 pm at my home in Dearborn.

June Workshops will cost $12, kits will be $12 + shipping/handling. (Please bring a basic tool kit – adhesive, scissors, bone folder – if you have it.)

Anyone can take part! Let’s make the “Cards of Summer” together!

** Please RSVP at least 24 hours before class time – Space is limited.


One thought on “Cards of Summer

  1. […] to make this card with us?  Click HERE for the dates, times, location and all the other details you will need for June Workshops or […]


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