10 Ways to Organize Your Life!

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October 25, 2016 by kathleenlucile


Isn’t it lovely?!

Obviously, you can use the New Everyday Life Album and Planner Pages as a calendar.  It has monthly and weekly pages.  And, each month has a page that can be colored, with beautiful designs!

If you haven’t jumped onto the Planner train, NOW is the time.  I’m happy to share even MORE ideas for using your planner!

  1. A Daily Diary – Make a short note each day.
  2. Weight Loss Tracker – Keep a “good” food list, menu planning, exercise tracking, step counting, water intake.
  3. Gratitude Journal – List what you are grateful for.
  4. Resolution Keeper – Write down your resolutions and keep track of how you do.
  5. Household Record – Keep important info safe.  Add a cleaning schedule, menu planning, financial information, etc.
  6. Art Journal – Lots of space for sketches and art ideas – capture them all in one place.
  7. Blog Planner – List ideas & plans to keep a blog going strong.
  8. To Do Lists – Do you make a to-do list everyday?  This is the perfect place to keep it.
  9. Wedding or Party Planner – Gather all the little details together and add small bits or samples.
  10. Travel Planner – Keep all the details together as you plan your special trip, then add little notes each day while on the trip.

Bonus: You can also use this Planner as an Organizing Tool.  Organize almost any part of your life – jobs, kids schedules, church dates and so much more!

This is a great space to keep your important thoughts, ideas and moments!  It can be colored.  You can add birthdays and other special dates.  And, you can decorate it with other Close To My Heart products.

I ordered mine and I’d love to share some of the decorating ideas with you.  We could even do a little get-together to “Personalize Your Planner” party!

Want to check it out? Click HERE!

ONE more idea… Who could use this as a GIFT?!  We can put all the dates inside, ready to go, with a beautiful bow for Christmas – how about that?



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