Become a Member of Our Team

What would you say if I told you that you could have more creative time, positive friends, recognition, an income earned in a FUN way and more happiness?  What about being part of a team that works together to have fun AND earn that income?

Close To My Heart has several amazing offers for those who want to have all of the things I just listed and MORE.  This page is all about it.

This is a deal SO BIG, you won’t want to miss it! 

(Sorry for sounding like a tv commercial, but it’s totally true – I promise!)

Would you like to get your scrapbook products at a discount?  (No more needing coupons or running around for miles to the “local” store.  Have confidence knowing that everything will coordinate and look great together.)

Wouldn’t it be great to get products before all your friends?  (Make the cute projects that everyone will want to copy.  We have step by step instructions on how to make them so cute.)

Does your family or boss EVER give you the recognition you deserve?  (“Great dinner tonight and thanks for picking up my socks!”  Or “You were really creative on that project – we LOVE creative!”  You really do deserve a crown!)

Have you ever thought about using your creative talents to earn money?  (Be able to offer the kids opportunities to play hockey or cheer.  Give yourself the gift of a trip to Mexico on a hot, sandy beach with tropical drinks.)

Have you looked at the kit but wanted a different paper pack or stamp sets?  (This time we have PERSONALIZED kits!)

Do you know that you don’t have to be local to me to join my team?  Almost ALL of the benefits to working with CTMH can be yours, even if you are not local.  Many people outside the Michigan area try to be a part of our team – we really DO have a lot of fun!   The way to do that is to sign up with me.  With the use of phone calls, Facebook, texting, videos & more, it can be just like we are together.

To start your own business, wouldn’t you want…

– a stable company  (Supported by over 30 years in business + I am celebrating my 10 year anniversary in April)

– a successful & growing team  (Learn from the best – our Michigan team has top company award winners and trip earners, my team constantly gets requests & opportunities)

– training for all the best ideas  (Even if you don’t know everything about how to run a business, we have access to corporate videos, group reading programs, big name trainers)

– rewards & recognition (You can be creative, help a good cause or challenge & beat your own best records and then get ribbons, applause, free product, income, to be on stage, be seated at the front, earn trips to fabulous places… You know you want to wear the CROWN!!)

– to be a part of something  (You will be able to have fun, have an excuse to crop all day and then crop some more, be part of a group of people who love being positive, laughing and building a business – friends who want the same things you want!)

– ideas & answers  (Be in business for yourself, but not by yourself, as a team, we share ideas and offer answers, including prayers when you need them or product when a customer calls.  I can even help you set up your online, social media, newsletter business so that you can earn while you sleep!)

How about all that at a price that is like getting 70% off?

Baby, You’re Worth It!!


Ready to know More?

Now is the TIME to…
* Start building a business from your creativity!
* Make awesome new friends who LOVE paper & stamps as much as you do!
* Earn some extra cash & product or start a whole new income!
* Just get your products at a discount, have an excuse to add more creative time to your day, join us for fun crops & parties or do some traveling!!

All while being a part of a successful company and a growing team!16-he-nck1


The Kit

Close To My Heart has given us a NEW… FABULOUS… AMAZING… Consultant Kit that starts right now!

The price is just $75 and they have added $50 in S P C.

#1 – That means the kit costs like $25…
and, is like having a 70% off coupon! 

(Fine print:  The math… $255 value for $75 = approx. 70% off)

But what’s SPC?  Ok.  Take a good look at the picture above.  This is the pic of what’s included in the kit:  Medium organizer… no-stick micro tip scissors, acrylic blocks, books, stamp scrubber & spritz, order forms…

But wait a minute!  Hold the phone people!!!

WHERE’S the ink?  Where’s the paper?  Where are the STAMPS??

That’s where the SPC comes in!!

For EVERYONE who has ever wanted to TRY Close To My Heart, but they
* don’t like the featured paper pack or
* already have the inks or
* wouldn’t use the stamps…


You can CHOOSE what paper, ink, stamps YOU need to make your business start off on the right foot!!

SPC stands for “Select Product Credit.”  It is almost the same as what you can get with the Hostess Rewards when you host a home, catalog or online party!


You can use this SPC like money.

I know this is a LOT of information!  Stick with me just a little longer…

By joining CTMH and my team, you have access to $50 worth of paper – cardstock packs or all the NEW papers, including Workshops Your Way – or all the stamp sets, blocks, inks, re-inkers, ShinHan markers, Complements, Picture My Life cards…

What do you LOVE, that would make you EXCITED to start your business??

The Rewards

As if all this isn’t enough… There are REWARDS too!

As you begin your business, there are many rewards that will come as you begin showing others your projects and products.  These are meant to help encourage you to start and be successful quickly!  So, we will work together quite a bit at the beginning so that you can earn these rewards.

* Our Straight To The Top rewards adds up to 3 specially selected stamp sets, a CTMH bag + cute dangle, a CTMH t-shirt and a collection of $150 worth of product as incentive to build your business!

* And… if you really, really want to be successful… there is a NEW rewards program for bringing your scrap-friends with you, on to your OWN team!

The Decision

You’ve read about the benefits, you’ve seen the special pricing.  There are SO many reasons that this is a good thing.  I’m happy to sit down with you and talk about any issues you might have or answer any questions.  I want us to work together so that you can be successful, so that you can get what YOU want for yourself and your family.

If you already know that the decision is YES… you can go out to my website, and sign up today.  Then, we can set a date to meet (or talk) and get you started!  (Yes, there are things you can do to start even before your kit arrives.)

If you are still on the fence… let me know!  I can help you to see if or how CTMH can fit into your life.  We aren’t all business builders – some Consultants purchase their own products, some are in between – this could add that little something into your life that you really need or want.  Email me at

If you got this far, but you don’t think that being a Consultant is the right thing for you, that’s OK!  You read that right.  But, if you read this far, I think that there must be some way that CTMH could fit into your life!  Maybe you would want to attend a workshop or try out a few of our products – I’m happy to help with that.  Thank you for considering our opportunity!